Our Team

Bianca Hofman, copywriter and translator

Bianca is specialized in conversational & short copy. She has a background in communication, online marketing, copywriting and localization. She is passionate about language.   

She is native Dutch, born in the Netherlands but based in Barcelona.
She can dream in Dutch, English, Catalan, Spanish and a little bit in Python.
In her free time she writes ultrashort stories & poetry. And sometimes you can catch her practising her Shaolin Kung Fu forms. 

Her favourite inspirational quote – “It’s never too late as long as you’re breathing”

“I’m dedicated to share Jop’s story and to create natural conversations between Jop and the people who need Jop’s help”.

Janža Lenassi, marketing and communications

Janža has a background in media and communications studies, experience in marketing, event organization, education coordination and coaching.

In her  spare time she loves to read, be outdoors, travel and explore the unknown. 

Her go to place is in the mountains, somewhere between the sea and the sky.

She doesn’t have a favourite inspirational quote; “In life, diversity is what makes the world a beautiful place. We live through so many different moments, we shouldn’t be limited to one perspective”.

Jop is all about helping people, understanding the challenges that we are all facing and being stronger together

Mike J Schmidt SME for Data Security and Privacy

Mike is helping start-up’s to achieve their next level. He has extensive experience as an Advisor in the Identity/Access Management and Access Governance 

Also works as CyberSecurity Adviser specialized Data Privacy for Education and is also on the Advisory board of several startups in Europe and North America.

In his spare time he enjoys music and photography. 

His favourite inspirational quote – “Let’s make it happen

“In my quest to help the children, as there is the future of humankind, I want to make JOP alive to help them to learn as much they can so they are able to solve the problems of the future.”

Giulia Civiletto, finance and business analysis

Giulia is a number cruncher, specialized in International Innovation and Financial Management. She has experiences in auditing and business analysis.
She is passionate about entrepreneurial education, which she believes is the core for a societal transformation. In her spare time, she attempts to self-learn how to play the harmonica.

Favourite inspirational quote – “I have not failed; I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

“JOP embodies the concept of disruptive innovation for a positive social change”

Sonali Patel , Product development and Illustrator

Sonali is specialised in product development and creating visuals. She has a background in design thinking and creative problem solving. She thinks in sketches and can bring the whole story together. She loves exploring JOP’s character.

In her free time, she loves to cook different cuisines and practice yoga.

Her favourite inspirational quote – “Change is the only constant.

“JOP proves that education is not only limited to the classroom and can be made accessible to all.”

Bryan Ogden, MA MS MSc,TEAM LEAD

Bryan learned to code on IBM mainframes. He’s worked with corporate clients on projects ranging from Coke to Arista Records to Cartoon Network. His career began in psychology and Bryan has worked in communications, applied technology, and innovation for the past 17 years. He runs Ninjamoba ltd the business end of Jop.

He likes walks at the cliffs of Malta and speaking at tech business events throughout the EU. He says he feels grateful to live and work in Europe during these uncertain times and enjoys the careful planning of Union policies.

Dom Mintoff Prime Minister of Malta : “It is not my style to crush opposition. All my life I have striven to convince.

“JOPs first step is in education. But this is just the beginning. That’s becasue a multi-stakeholder intelligent assistant is enabling for any cooperative project. We offer a departure from typical “chat bots” and an evolution in how we as humans use and benefit from artificial intelligence.”

Estefanía Lema, Researcher

Estefanía is a PhD in Health Psychology. She studied Pedagogy, Educational Psychology and Social Education, and is specialized in minor and families in risk situations. She is the Director of Teacher Training Grade in Child Education, in Valencian International University. She loves research about children, adolescents and family; and is involved in several researches about this topic.

With JOP, she wants demonstrated its potential and benefits, lowering stress in parents, the motivation and engagement in children, the better engagement between schools and children…

In her free time she loves to dance and play sports. And if she hadn’t studied at university, she would surely be a carpenter.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Mandela

“Jop is the reflection that artificial intelligence at the service of education, can favor all those gaps that current educational systems cannot reach.”